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bowflex lateralx

Bowflex LateralX LX3 & LX5 Reviews – Worth your money?

Bowflex LateralX Training Machines – Fitness at a price? Bowflex LateralX training machines have made quite a fuss. Probably not exactly revolutionary, they add a new touch – lateral movements – to the regular routine of elliptical training machines. And given that LateralX machines cost a lot, an interested buyer would probably wonder whether they …

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bowflex selctech 1090

That “Oh So Good” Utility Of Adjustable Dumbbells First, let me ask you this, do you lift weights?  Or at least planning to? Ifyes, you definitely need to read this article, but if not, I hope you’ll stillstick around. Dumbbells are staple items in fitness clubs as well as personal gyms in many homes. While …

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